80th Anniversary and Run to Fund
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Well, I'm going to do it!   I'm going to get off the couch!


Your support and your comments below will be my encouragement to get working up to this challenge!

This year, the Run to Fund is taking on the cost of purchasing some new equipment for the Emmanuel kitchen. A new kitchen was installed this past summer and we are looking to upgrade or replace some of the basic equipment as part of the project.


Specifically, we are looking to purchase the following items:


We love having a campus that provides residential accommodation for student learning and development. A great food service program is a key part of that program and a great food service program needs a good kitchen.


Chef Tim prides himself in providing a happy home atmosphere for all the students, and is keenly aware of the physical and spiritual needs of each student at Emmanuel. Help him provide a great food service that will positively impact our students!

Will you help us rejuvinate this critical area of our campus?


Your donation is fully tax deductible, and thanks to our generous corporate sponsors, 100% of the money raised directly benefits the College.


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What: 80th Anniversary and Run to Fund
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